5 Easy Ways To Make Your Blog More Interesting

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Don’t let your blog feel uninspired. Here’s a few things I see all the time that are, in my humble opinion, really boring on a blog, and easy fixes to make your blog have a bigger impact.

1. Blog Names

It bother’s me when I go to someone’s blog and see it’s called “Jimmy’s Blog”, or whoever. No offense to Jimmy, but I don’t know him and therefore have no reason to be curious about what he has to say. Also, a statement that this is Jimmy’s blog gives me absolutely no idea what the blog is about. Don’t keep me guessing. Pick a statement to say what your blog is about, and make sure it is easy to find so that your readers will want to read more about your topic, or what you’re generally trying to do. And keep in mind that this isn’t just a diary about the details of your everyday. Surely there is some sort of underlying theme that you can draw on.

2. The general consensus on this matter is…

I love reading people’s thoughts on controversial topics. There is great power behind the written word, and it shows strength when someone uses that power to say what they really feel. Don’t pussyfoot around what you want to say, and don’t just give your readers the socially-accepted view. You will never be able to make everyone happy, so don’t try to do it in your writing. Have an opinion, and share it! We don’t have to agree with you to want to listen.

3. When you write from the heart, people can tell.

I have a perfect example of this. Readers, meet my good friend Sash. Sash, readers. Now that we’re all acquainted, I want to show you something incredible on her blog. For the past little while Sash has been blogging, and had a good response to her posts in views and followers. Well one day she wrote a piece she called Embracing Me, and with that one post everything changed. She wrote about discovering herself and the meaning behind her blogging. Her quest for self-acceptance and doing what is right for her. And she told me that that post not only felt freeing to her, but she also got a better response than she expected. When you write what you feel and really let go, people can tell. And they care. Find that power within yourself, and when the urge to write strikes, don’t hold back.

4. Infuse your personality.

Every once in a while I read a post or a comment somewhere, and feel like I’ve known that person forever. I just got such a great view of their personality, and it feels refreshing to get that nowadays. Especially on the internet, there is so much working against a writer who is trying to be free from it all (ads, emoticons, distractions and other noise). When your writing feels open, like a conversation with your best friend, people will open up to you in return. I should note that obviously this is not always appropriate depending on the type of blog. For example, “John Doe was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the crime he committed. Lolz teaches him to get caught haha word up, Playa!” Coming up with examples for things is super fun.

5. Start a conversation.

For some reason, people seem to be hesitant to make comments on things a lot of the time. Or maybe they’re just too lazy. No judgment, I’m pretty lazy myself. Cool things happen when differing opinions come together and brawl, though. Even if everyone agrees, the sharing of experiences is awesome and creates a sense of community, even on the internet where we are used to being hidden. Do your best to encourage people to respond, even by something as simple as asking at the end of a post, “what do you think?” You can learn a lot about people by starting a conversation that otherwise wouldn’t happen. Don’t pass up the opportunity!


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17 responses to “5 Easy Ways To Make Your Blog More Interesting”

  1. Maurice A. Barry says :

    I just spent a few minutes well…reading your blog :>) Great advice!

  2. CatherineTs says :

    hey janine, just stumbled upon this, thanks for writing it! just starting out myself so very helpful to read thoughts from others…i’ve only had a quick look but i’m so impressed at the tone of your blog, really honest and courageous!

  3. sashwilson says :

    Aww I’m so touched that what I wrote could make it in this post of all posts and this time you could use my name 🙂

  4. thetravellingtravelator says :

    Good call on the writing from the heart. I’ve not been blogging long here (although I have another blog that’s been going for a while), and the post with the most views is the one that is the most personal.

  5. norwayhannah says :

    Another great post about blogging best practices – thanks for sharing. I always enjoy your writing, whether it’s personal stuff or blogging advice.

  6. lexborgia says :

    Nice post, and funny too – no offence to Jimmy.

  7. Al Kline says :

    I always enjoy reading your blog. Good topic and good points. I would also add maybe for some bloggers to use a “spell check”.

  8. iamgeekchic says :

    I am spending some time now on your blog and it really helps! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

  9. 40ishthoughts says :

    Good advice, thanks!

  10. PensAleas says :

    Really like the advise and will consider it! thank you very much!

  11. michelleraven64 says :

    Great advice for bloggers, I agree with it! Thank you!

  12. evilsquirrel13 says :

    Love this! I’m going to get started right now by infusing this comment with my personality…… SQUIRREL!

  13. rani-amanda says :

    Reblogged this on meandmyspicylife and commented:
    LOVE this one. Too bad I found this after I create a blog 😀

  14. Roberta McDonnell says :

    Thanks for this great feature – very helpful and motivating me to go on and improve my posts. I cannot tell you how much blogging has released me in terms of channeling creative energy that was building up and I think it has helped me get a better flow with my other writing as well – its like a limbering up exercise sometimes, as I find that if I post regularly, I get more work done on other projects as well. Love your site too, thanks again, Roberta

  15. mariannemarch says :

    You have inspired me join in on more conversations, starting with this one. Thanks for the sound advice!

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