So This Is Adult Life

Working 9-5. In my mind it used to be a vision of hell. A fantasy world where your soul gets sucked out of your body as you drudge through hour after hour of the monotonous world that is now your eternity. A permanent state of fatigue and resentment towards your boss, your coworkers, the money-hoarding company that controls you because without them you have no money, no means of survival. So you wake up the next day and slave through it again just waiting for the moment you can go home to an empty house, a family that resents you for being so devoted to your job, a partner that doesn’t understand, and having to face the fact that you’re not happy, but too afraid to do anything about it.

But now that I’m doing this whole 9-5 thing for the summer working for a car manufacturer in an office job… this isn’t so bad. I’m slowly getting used to getting up in the mornings. I like that when I leave work my work stays there and doesn’t demand my attention for 4 hours at night to get it done like schoolwork does. I like that people don’t treat me like I’m retarded like the customer service job I was doing before this did. Instead of instructing me daily on how to work a scanning gun at a cash register, I’m given tasks and goals, and not instructed every moment on how I’m doing it wrong. And more importantly, I’m starting to believe that the work we do means something. Cars are important. People get attached to a car, a brand, a name. The people making the cars care about quality. And we all come out of it with a paycheque that allows us to enjoy the rest of our time when the job isn’t on our minds.

Maybe this 9-5 thing is an idea I can get behind after all.


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One response to “So This Is Adult Life”

  1. newenglandwaterman says :

    I have a certain amount of dread for when I hang up my sea boots and join the regular office hours world. So I can understand the feeling totally.

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