What Would Sherlock Holmes Be Like In Bed?

If you haven’t watched BBC’s Sherlock, this won’t make any sense to you. It’s no secret that many women find Benedict Cumberbatch extremely sexy. Personally, I didn’t get it. And then I started watching the show, and I must say I found his intelligence very hot. There’s something very appealing about a clever man. A man you don’t think any other woman has touched because his personality seems to repel most people. And he does have beautiful blue eyes. But what would he be like in bed? Let’s speculate, shall we?

First things first, he would know everything about you. He knows how many men you’ve been with by details like the grooming of your lady area and how natural it feels for you to be with him. He would be able to locate your pleasure points in seconds. He would monitor your heart rate and breathing, notice every small change for better or worse. He would be deeply intimate and dedicated to pleasing you. He would also know if you were faking, and nothing would kill the mood faster than “stop moaning like that, dear, I know you don’t mean it”. And don’t even get me started on trying to fake an orgasm. No matter how convincing you think you’re being, he knows. And he’s not amused by your apparently vast knowledge of porn star tactics. Ooh but that accent… what girl doesn’t like a British accent? He could be reading you a recipe for onion stew and it would still be the sexiest thing ever if he looked you in the eyes as he enunciated every word. He’s desirable because no one can have him. He’s too smart, too coy, too clever to be swayed by regular impulses. He wouldn’t be doing it out of love, not because he is incapable of feeling love, but rather because he doesn’t need love from you to feel fulfilled. He would go slowly, and make sure you enjoyed every moment of his sensual touch. He would be the greatest one-night fling you’ve ever had. And when you wake up in the morning and he is gone you will have nothing except the fond memories of a fantastic encounter that you are not completely certain was real. No one will believe you anyway.


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