Why I Need Pole Dancing

I need pole dancing because I’m tired of being taught to hate my body, and instead learning to love what it is capable of. I need goals in the short term. There’s always a new move to learn that requires just a little more strength, a little more flexibility, or a little more courage. I need to push my boundaries. I need to spend time with other girls who are overcoming their own obstacles. I love noticing differences in my body, like the strength of my abs or the size of my biceps. Women can be muscular, and I’m not ashamed of them. I’m not ashamed of my bruises. They’re battle scars that mean I was doing something fantastic that most people only dream of. Yes, I’m going to wear shorts this summer despite the bruises and yes, some people are going to think my boyfriend beats me. And I don’t care. In fact, I’m sick of worrying what other people think. I’m finally good at something that I do only for me, not for anyone else. I feel good about myself when I dance. I’m sexy. I’m strong. I use my curves to my advantage instead of trying to conceal them. My body is changing, and I’m feeling great about it. It’s hard to tell if I love my body because it’s getting stronger or if I just am more accepting of myself. Either way, its a positive cycle. I’m sick of hearing women define their self-worth by their dress size. I’m tired of women judging each other for not measuring up to an unattainable standard. I hate seeing stick-thin models and depressed teenage girls who honestly believe that they would be happier, more loved, more worthy if they weighed less. Your body is what it is, and there’s a lot about it you can’t change. Instead of hating myself, I’m committed to accepting myself for who I am. For the past decade I’ve hated my body. Now I’m choosing to love myself because nothing good ever comes out of self-hatred.

I am beautiful. I am flawed. I am enough.


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One response to “Why I Need Pole Dancing”

  1. imagine525 says :

    This is beautiful.

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