I Got The Job! So Why Am I Feeling Down?

I applied for a job at my local pole fitness studio to be a pole instructor. I love that studio, and am so excited to begin teaching. I hope I’m good at the teaching side of it!

The condition was that she requires a two year commitment, with the condition being that if you leave before two years are up you have to pay her back for all your training. Which sounds fair I suppose.

And yet… it just made me realize that I’m never going home. I don’t have the option to head back to the city my family is in even if I wanted to. There is no plan B. I guess this is home now, whether it works out or doesn’t.


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2 responses to “I Got The Job! So Why Am I Feeling Down?”

  1. C.J. Black says :

    Congratulations – it was meant to be, so go for it.

  2. Sharon Froehlich says :

    It is scary to make such a commitment, but a huge step in personal growth. Congrats and hang tough!

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