What Do You Do When The World Starts Wearing You Down?

I’ve been really stressed out about work lately, and I need some advice. I’ve realized that I’m not going to get what I need out of my job, and am considering quitting. Not immediately, but I’m planning on leaving this job, which is only twice a week in the evenings, as soon as I finish my degree and start looking for a real job. I have been optimistic that I would be able to keep this job in my life beyond university because I love what I do and I know several people who still do this on the side, but now I’m not so sure. Lately, it’s really started to wear on me, and I don’t love it anymore. I feel like there’s too much politics, and my efforts are being unappreciated. I feel like I’m getting farther from the parts of the job that I loved, the parts that I joined to do. I feel like I spend more time being angry about my job and the people I work with than I do actually enjoying it. I need to feel like I belong, like people appreciate what I do, that people want to see me move forward, not just get stuck where I am right now. And that’s exactly where I am. Stuck.

But would leaving mean I’m giving up and quitting? Or would it mean I’m making a good decision for myself? I would really appreciate any advice people can offer.

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4 responses to “What Do You Do When The World Starts Wearing You Down?”

  1. amandapayne2013 says :

    If the job is stressing you and making you feel angry, it’s time to move on. It’s not quitting, it’s making a positive move. Think about the parts of the job that you liked and see what you can do with that experience….can you find something else in the same line but which will give you more job satisfaction? Or perhaps its time to head on down a completely different path which will give you that sense of achievement? Something that will look good on your CV when your degree is done and you are looking for your ‘real job’?Wishing you the best of luck

  2. stevesnipes says :

    Hi Janine,
    Have you spoke to your boss about how you feel?
    If you have and some time has passed without change then maybe it’s time to look elsewhere although; I would probably try one more time with your boss even if you have started looking elsewhere…. If you haven’t had that chat with your boss then personally.. I would have a quiet word.. state how you are feeling in a professional manner. Be honest and state what it is that you want and ask your boss if that is something they see as obtainable by you…. This conversation should give you the answer to your question.. Hope this helps and good luck.

  3. rosa3379 says :

    If you’re not happy with your job then quit. Don’t waste your time working at where you don’t want to be.

  4. Priceless Joy says :

    I agree with Steve – talk to your boss. I would advise to have another job lined up before you quit, unless financially that doesn’t matter. Any large company you work for, in most cases, are going to care more about the bottom line than in their employees unless the employee is a big money maker. To get the kind of satisfaction from a job that you desire may take some time and experiencing different companies. Are you in an area that has companies that specialize in temporary placements for people searching for jobs? If so, that will give you an excellent opportunity to try a wide range of companies and help you decide who you want to work for.

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