What If Magazine Headlines Were Honest?

Cosmopolitan (magazine)

Cosmopolitan (magazine) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What would happen if magazines headlines showed the meaning behind the title? I mean, surely I’m not the only one who sees a Cosmopolitan magazine and instead of reading “50 hot new fall outfits” and “30 ways to please your man” sees “you’ll never be good enough” and “we’re cashing in on our ability to make you insecure”. Sure, everyone says that you’re beautiful the way you are, find someone who loves you for you, blah blah blah. How many of us truly believe it? I mean, when all the ads show perfectly sculpted models… and even they are photoshopped. Really, media? Because finding beautiful women and putting them in luxurious outfits with professionally done makeup and hair isn’t enough, let’s take that picture and make it actually perfect. Because normal imperfections like blemishes or stray hairs are horrifying. Because the man in the ad with her wouldn’t want her if she didn’t look the way she does. Because no matter how hard you work out, how much money you spend, or even how much plastic surgery you get, you will never be that. You might be one of the few who actually look like it, but you’ll always be an imposter. The worst part is that we tell young girls that they should be happy in their own bodies. We tell them you’ll grow up and your body will change but you’ll always be beautiful because you’ll always be you. How many of us actually believe that? The scary part is that the models we all want to be are probably some of the most insecure people out there. And they’re like that because we are always watching and expect them to be that cover model 24/7. We feed off of our own fears of rejection, and are forcing these messed up values on the women who instill the values in us in the first place. We’re creating our own vicious cycle. It’s madness. Now what can we do to stop it?


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One response to “What If Magazine Headlines Were Honest?”

  1. sarahwriteshere2010 says :

    What I like is to only participate in the events that make me proud of myself. I serve the homeless at my church, donate to causes I like, have family and friends over for dinner.

    That makes me feel happy so I smile at the person in the mirror. I also haven’t had television for a decade now. Not being bombarded with images of perfection and what you’re supposed to strive for helps too.

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