Today we stand together to remember
To remember those who joined and fought
For those who went to war with honorable intention
For those who came home safely
For those who came home broken
For those who came home in caskets

We remember those who fought from home
Those who supported their loved ones every single day
The letters they wrote because it was their only way to stay close
The relief of hearing a loved one’s voice
The pride felt when they returned
The pain that never goes away

No one comes back from the war unscathed
They walk among us looking like normal people
But they aren’t normal people
These are people who fought for a cause
A cause they truly believed in
A cause worth giving their lives for

It’s important to remember them
The serving, the survivors, the fallen
But to know that we weren’t there
And will never truly understand
Because no one comes home from the war
Truly in one piece.


Lest we forget.

English: A remembrance poppy from Canada, worn...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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4 responses to “Remembering”

  1. digital jigit says :

    “In Flanders Fields”. Remebrance day greetings from Slovakia!

  2. rosaniabastos says :

    Understand. It is very difficult.

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