Everything You Don’t Know About Pole Dancing

I’m here to bust some myths and hopefully change some attitudes about pole dancing. Here’s a few things you might not know…

1. It’s not just about taking your clothes off.

Sure, most of the girls in my class wear short shorts, but that’s not because years of strippers have shown us that if you’re on a pole you need to get naked. The truth is that we need the skin showing because skin provides much more traction than clothing. Traction that will help hold you up, and keep you from crashing into the pole or floor.

2. It’s a LOT of exercise.

The first thing you do in a pole dancing class is do a lot of strength training off the pole. If you can’t hold up your own weight, you can’t safely maneuver around a pole. If you aren’t strong enough to do the moves, you will get hurt. It’s that simple.

3. It’s not just for skinny blonde girls in high heels.

We get all shapes and sizes! One girl who is in the class I’m in is slightly bigger, but she can rock it. And as an added bonus, she told me today that she’s lost 10 pounds since this class started 6 weeks ago. And the weight loss will help to make all the other moves easier. It creates a positive feedback loop. Sweet!

4. You will hurt.

Your hands will develop calluses like you used to have when you spent all of your time in 3rd grade on the monkey bars. You will get bruises on your arms, and legs, and torso. You will get body aches in muscles you didn’t know existed. You might have weird injuries to your joints. And you will strive for increased flexibility, which doesn’t come easily and definitely doesn’t come without muscle soreness the next day. And despite it all, it will feel awesome.

5. It is a lifestyle.

Have you heard people who do yoga talk about how it makes them nicer, happier, etc.? It’s the same with pole. Pole teaches you to be comfortable in your own skin, and embrace your inner pole kitten. It shows you that you’re beautiful, and worthy of being happy. It’ll teach you how to hold your shoulders back when you walk, and do everything with more confidence. It shows you you’re part of a broader pole community of women who want to be fit and healthy. And it shows you that people will judge you because they don’t understand. And you’ll learn that that’s okay.


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2 responses to “Everything You Don’t Know About Pole Dancing”

  1. stressingoutstudent says :

    Hear hear! While I’ve never tried pole dancing, just watching makes my arms, legs, and abs ache (and probably much more would ache if I so much as ventured to take a shot at it). Looks like freakin’ fantastic exercise. I watched a couple of videos on YouTube where men try to do pole dancing movies – and predictably failed. Not an easy feat.

    A woman is able to love herself and strip or pole dance or do anything with her body.

  2. Everyday Is A Reflection... says :

    Yes..i agree! I have been to a pole dancer class for a Bachelorette Party and after that, I certainly am impressed with those who can do it so well! To me, I just consider it as a fun exercise..and you need to really build up your strength and muscles just like any other exercise!….it’s a really hard thing..and I bet you those guy who lift 100lbs can’t even do it!

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