If They Knew

The feeling bubbles up from deep within.

The fear takes over, clouding your thoughts and blurring your judgement.

Maybe it would just be easier if I told.

If I let it out.

But something stops you from admitting it.

Because if you hide it it’s still yours. It’s your secret, your memory, your story.

It’s a piece of you, a piece you don’t want to admit exists.

It has shaped who you are. And it’s something you can’t forget no matter how far you run.

So you tuck it away and try to forget.

It’s easier for now to just hide it and pretend it was never there to begin with.

Until this happens again and you find yourself wondering once more…

…why am I still hiding this?


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About janinerussell

The transition to adulthood; reflecting on the past to create a better future.

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