The Most Important Thing About Writing…

…is being self-aware enough to admit when what you are writing is something that even you wouldn’t spend time reading.

There’s something liberating about realizing that a post is terrible before you actually slap your name on it and send it out into the world. It also takes a lot of understanding of yourself and your audience. It’s better to write a few good posts per month than a bad post every day.


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3 responses to “The Most Important Thing About Writing…”

  1. FearfulFantasist says :

    True enough for some, but I think that many writers struggle with over-editing and censoring themselves. It takes a special kind of courage to know that your post isn’t all that great and to hit publish anyways. See what the world thinks. Who knows, they might like it… or most likely they’ll find even more wrong with it than you did, but that’s just good feedback! If you’re blogging to be a better writer, send it out into the world and embrace the hate :p

    • janinerussell says :

      An interesting perspective I hadn’t considered! There are definitely benefits to making mistakes, but I feel like people are much more likely to comment and say “I love this!” than “This is awful.” I suppose you’re the exception haha. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. TheBitchWhoKnits says :

    Write for yourself is all I do. I know I’ve never been a good story teller or writer, my English teachers would vouch for that. But I write for myself and it feels good to do. I figure if I get better, I can always revisit a story and improve my ways. Certainly isn’t something I will ever have as a job so by keeping it as my own cave of words is .. my own secure outlet for a voice that doesn’t get voiced at times.

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