Why Do Pick-Up Lines Exist…

It’s what every girl wants, right? Random attractive guy comes up to you and says, “hey, I came all the way over here to tell you I think you’re really cute”. And then he asks her out and a magical love connection blossoms because he had the guts to talk to her. Well, something like that happened to me today, except that’s not at all what it led to. Here’s what actually happened:

“You ordered takeout AGAIN? What did you do with all the money I gave you for cooking lessons?”

I blinked at him looking very confused and looked down at the food carton in my hands. “What?”

“What’s IN there? It’s attracting all the wasps. What is it, pure sugar?”

I just looked at him, more annoyed now than anything. His weird ramblings were keeping me from eating my lunch. And I’m not good at this whole “witty retort” thing when I’m taken so off guard.

“I’m just kidding around. Actually, I just saw you and wanted to come tell you that I think you’re really cute.”

And, end scene. This is where instead of encouraging him in any way, I did what I like to think most [taken] girls would do. I told him he’s keeping me from my lunch. And then I awkwardly walked away. There’s no non-awkward way to leave that conversation. Actually if there is, please let me know because I didn’t see it. But being the type of person that I am, I over-analyzed this encounter into the ground, and it opened my eyes about how I view relationships.

1. He assumes I’m flattered that he thinks I’m pretty. Well, who wouldn’t? But I don’t like that this would somehow make me swoon and jump into his arms. Alas, my prince has come! Not likely.

2. I guess that means that he thought that physical attraction was enough to start some sort of spark?

3. Does that mean he doesn’t care about my hobbies, interests, whether or not I’m a serial killer or feminist? Or is that just supposed to all work out in the end?

4. Wait… why was he assuming I’m single?

5. Or does he just think he’s so attractive that any girl would be lucky to be talked to by him?

6. Or maybe he’s just being friendly and I’m just a bitch?

All I know is that I immediately disliked him. Not for trying to hit on me (or maybe it really was just an innocent compliment). No, he bothered me in a way that I can only describe as having too much… energy. Too enthusiastic. He must be the type of person who always has to be doing something, or else he would get bored. Not the “let’s just sit on the couch and play video games” type at all. Which is really what I need from a man. And all that being said, I didn’t find him attractive in the slightest.

Or maybe I’m making just as many assumptions about him as I assume he was making about me.

Or maybe it was just a friendly compliment to a total stranger. I guess we’ll never know.


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2 responses to “Why Do Pick-Up Lines Exist…”

  1. Anonymous says :

    Something similar happened to me and I can only say that I think men these days are being bolder, plus for some reason I feel as if they think women are getting stupider

  2. Ms Mond says :

    Well it sounds like that bungling fool made a horrible job of trying to use a pickup line…I don’t think they’re bad if its executed properly and without malicious intent.
    Heh, in fact I used one on a guy a couple of days ago and it actually worked out pretty well 😉 It certainly got his attention.
    Would you ever use a pickup line on a guy?

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