Whoaaa Hold The Drama

In response to my previous post about the death of my darling Little Blue Car… He’s going to be okay.

But there’s a lesson here! This is why you always seek second and possibly third opinions. Here’s what happened:

1. I take Little Blue Car out of storage from the summer, and a piece falls off of the underside. I panic and take him to the dealership, where they inspect him. They told me I needed about $3000 worth of repairs. Considering I paid $1500 for him last year, that wasn’t going to happen. I asked if he was safe to drive just for now. They told me no, he might explode. Scrap him and move on.

Well, I called my dad and read him the list of parts that were falling off of him. My dad knows a thing or two about cars, though, and even though I thought some things sounded pretty serious (like the fact that he’s leaking oil), apparently they aren’t such a big deal, and for a 2001 car there’s bound to be a lot wrong. So…

2. Second opinion. Took him to a local car repair chain. They told me the major issue was the piece that fell off, but to even it out I would need to replace the piece on both sides at a cost of about $600. Well, it’s an improvement, but that still doesn’t solve the fact that he’s LEAKING OIL. Also he sounded like a race car all of a sudden, and as sexy as that is, it’s probably not a good sign.

3. Ladies, if you have a car and know nothing about cars, make friends with someone who knows cars. On the plus side (?), I put a classy dent on the front of him last year and therefore knew a place that would do the repair for cheap. I don’t need a total system upgrade, I just want to not die while driving to work. They can get a used part installed for only $300! And he knew a guy who could fix just the hole in my exhaust pipe for about $100 more.

And I just want to add, I have a lot of respect for mechanics. They know their work so through and through, it’s amazing. And it’s something I know nothing about so I can’t help but appreciate it.

Little Blue Car, I love you, but if you pull this kind of trick again I don’t know if we’ll be able to get through it. Pulling on my heartstrings, here, bud. But I’m glad you’ll be okay.


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