Apparently There IS A Wrong Way To Yoga

I’m sure most of you have heard of the supposed mental health benefits to doing yoga. Well, I started doing yoga about 7 months ago, and just found out I’VE BEEN DOING IT WRONG THIS WHOLE TIME.

Hold up, backtrack. It turns out, yoga isn’t about being stretchy and doing cool poses. Well, it is, but it isn’t. And because of that, you can go to all the yoga classes in the world or practice every day on your own and you still would be “doing” yoga.

The article I read that changed my views on how yoga works [click here to read it, highly recommend] used an example that “you’re supposed to breathe through your nose while constricting the back of your throat to make a sound like the ocean.” This was a life-changing realization for me. Why? Well, first off, try to make a sound like the ocean when you exhale. It’s very relaxing.

The most mind-blowing thing that the article taught me, though, is that doing yoga is an exercise in overcoming your anxiety. Doing these strength poses while controlling your breathing teaches your body that when you are being stressed or becoming anxious, it can breathe through the discomfort. There’s a way out of your panic spiral, and you can practice fighting your anxiety by doing yoga. And I’ll admit, it helps in other times, too. You know, the times that really make you anxious. Doing a good yoga workout reduces stress and makes you feel good about yourself. And you don’t have to be able to do the splits in six different directions to reap the benefits.

So if you have never tried yoga and are wondering if it might help you with your anxiety, it’s a great time to start. Just remember, focus on how your breathing sounds like the ocean, and let the waves carry your worries away. It’s a great day.


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4 responses to “Apparently There IS A Wrong Way To Yoga”

  1. Sarah says :

    Hi Janine

    Yoga is such a journey, lovely to hear how you’re moving along on yours. I’m not qualified to teach or anything, just done yoga on and off for a long time. One teacher told me ‘Good yoga is doing what’s right for your body today’. I kept that with me through 2 pregnancies and raising small kids when yoga was the last thing on my mind.

    You might find kundalini yoga interesting. The breath is used to actively move energy around the body while doing poses – and you get the relaxation response too!

    Do your yoga. Don’t push if it hurts, just do what your body can today.

    Yoga on!


  2. artsyblah says :

    Reblogged this on artsyblah and commented:
    Hmmm, good to know because I am a ball of anxiety and I too didn’t pay much attention to breathing but now I will

  3. loverwomen6 says :


  4. spritesquadron says :

    hey hun it’s the writer of THE QUEST FOR AN ABUNDANCE IN SUNSHINE. starting sunday i’m going to start posting articles about yoga that i’ve been researching now for the past few weeks. i hope you’ll check it out and it helps you out. I’ll mention some great sources.
    i’ve been doing breathing exercizes for some time to help find my center. it’s the best stress relieving technique and it works. try this out a few times a day – you’ll put the tip of your tongue at the back of your top teeth, under your mouth

    inhale through your nose, and exhale out of your mouth. you’ll make a woooooshh sound.

    inhale through your diaphram, hold your breath for four seconds, and release for 7 seconds. repeate 3 times.

    you miiight get a little light headed. that’s okay. just open your eyes and breathe regularly. it really helps to center yourself.

    i read it in Dr. Andrew Weill’s book, but gosh I can’t remember the title at the top of my head. you can get more information about him on google, or check him out at a bookstore.

    let me know if it helps! give it a shot okay hun?

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