How Many Balloons Does It Take To Fill A Dorm Room?

With the navy band I’m travelling around with for the summer, pranks are one of the ways we have fun with each other and keep things from getting too serious. Most of the time it’s just little things, like putting mouth-numbing cream on people’s instruments, or putting lube in the bell of a French horn. Sometimes people go bigger, though, like the year that someone broke into a person’s room and stole all of the furniture, as well as the bed.

This year James and I decided we needed to prank someone, so we bought eight bags of balloons and spent a few hours blowing them up over the course of two days. Last night we waited until our unsuspecting target went to the bar for Canada Day celebrations, and we broke in and filled it with balloons. Apparently he got back at around 4 in the morning and was both entertained and annoyed. He still has no idea who did it.

So in case you’re wondering, it takes a bit more than 300 balloons to fill a dorm room.


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One response to “How Many Balloons Does It Take To Fill A Dorm Room?”

  1. thomasnwafor says :

    Filled there bed with upright plastic cups full of water

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