This Can’t Possibly Go Wrong

Tomorrow I’m finally heading home to Winnipeg with my darling boyfriend, James. I haven’t been home since Christmas, so this should be a welcome relief. I’m looking forward to it, but James definitely isn’t sharing my enthusiasm. As much as he’s subjected me many times to dinner with his (albeit delightful) parents, I suppose in a way it isn’t really the same as making him live in my parents’ house for a week. At least it’s only a week, though. It could be worse.

James is actually sitting right behind me as I’m writing this, which is odd because usually I only find out later that he’s been reading my blog. Perhaps he’d like to say hello. James?

He said “no”. There you have it, folks. The man who has stolen my heart.

Well we’re off to fantastic travels and no doubt uncomfortable meetings with my friends and relatives. Next time I check in will be from my home town.

Bon voyage!



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