That’s A Handy Trick

Did you know that you can schedule your posts in advance so that WordPress publishes them exactly when you want them to? Simply pick the date and time, and click “Schedule”!  Just click on “edit” next to the “Publish immediately” calendar icon above the publish button. Now if you want to be creepy you can schedule all your posts to arrive at midnight. Or 11:11. Or whatever suits your fancy.

I actually wrote this a week ago. So in case you’re confused, I just scheduled a post about scheduling posts.

Is that cool, or what?


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5 responses to “That’s A Handy Trick”

  1. stressingoutstudent says :

    Scheduled a post about scheduling posts? Schedule-ception…

  2. laurenisinsanelaurenisinsane says :

    THATS AWESOME!!!!! Wow and thats hilarious that u scheduled a post about scheduling posts!!! XD

  3. C.J. Black says :

    It is a bad day that you don’t learn something new – thank you for this info.

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