This Is Getting Ridiculous.

I was on a news website to hear about the story about the bombing in Boston, and had to watch a 30 second car ad before the video would play. I was furious. I feel like this is the worst type of advertising exploitation.

“Oh, I see you want to hear about the tragedy in Boston? Buy a Lexus.”

Where does it end? McDonald’s logos on caskets? This funeral is brought to you by Coca Cola?


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6 responses to “This Is Getting Ridiculous.”

  1. TechChucker says :

    I agree 100%. I think both the company selling their products and the media companies providing the advertising spots should take into consideration events such as this and get rid of all advertising.

  2. sabcooke says :

    While the two aren’t connected at all, it’s amazing how many different ways our world is in a poorly state.

  3. kbeck13 says :

    That’s terrible. Anything to make a buck.

  4. Christopher says :

    I’m not sure there really needs to be advertising on news stories in the first place. It’s REALLY out of place somewhere like this, but if someone is trying to be informed on national or global events, they should be forced to watch an advertisement first. Save those for the cat videos or something.

  5. Hanno Phenn says :

    Capitalism and Tragedy what a nice combination.I don’t believe it can’t they not just skip there Ad break on such news have they no taste no heart ? I don’t know I would be ashamed of myself if I were them. I spit on them. Sorry but I am furious.

  6. lexborgia says :

    Totally with you on that one. That’s when I usually leave the Washington Post, after all, the Story is somewhere else.

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