Them Gays Know How To Party!

Last night I went out with a few friends for my birthday celebration. We hung out at my place, drinking and eating pizza and playing cards. Then we hopped on a bus to the gay bar in the city here, because that’s where I wanted to go. So it was me (straight female), one gay guy, and two straight guys.

You’re probably wondering why a straight, taken woman would want to have a birthday bash at a gay bar. Allow me to explain. First off, know that you need to go to a gay bar with an open mind. My one straight friend had never been to a gay bar, and the other straight guy just didn’t like them. There aren’t those gross straight guys who feel like they have the right to grope you just because you’re on a dance floor together. There’s no pressure to look sexy because I’m not trying to pick up anyone, and am probably not their type anyway. Overall, it’s just a really awesome party, in an atmosphere that pretty much says “come as you are, be yourself, and whatever that happens to be is okay”. It’s refreshing compared to straight clubs where there almost seems to be a uniform people wear that makes all the girls look the same. Gay bars make me feel accepted for who I am, and they aren’t judging like I feel you get a lot of in regular clubs. It’s kind of fun to people watch in a subtle manner because sometimes I see people on the street and think, “who’s type are you?”, and it really opens my mind to all different types of love and romance.

Where was James in all of this? He’s on the other side of the country for the weekend with work. Some sort of leadership weekend that I wasn’t invited to. He was really good about it though. I could feel a little bit of his concern creeping in though when he texted me things like “have a great time, babe! Dance your heart out… with [gay friend].” It’s kind of cute that he’s protective of me. He has nothing to worry about though. This is one of the main reasons I wanted to go to a gay bar in the first place; not having to shove guys away every few minutes, or explain I’m taken. All in all it was a really refreshing night. Those gays sure know how to party!


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One response to “Them Gays Know How To Party!”

  1. Hanno Phenn says :

    I can relate to your story in the way that I have experience that it is more relaxing to party in a Gay Bar or Club.The only thing that I can not relate to is how to fight of Men,just because I am a Man .

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