7 Facebook Trends That Need To Stop Being Trends

1. Selfies.

This was an easy #1, hands down. Nothing says “Appreciate me for my beauty, not for my brains” quite like a picture you took of yourself in the bathroom mirror making a duck face. No, don’t tell me it’s a sexy pout. Duck face is not sexy. Unless you’re a duck, being seen from the point of view of other ducks. I also like it when the toilet is clearly visible in the backdrop of selfies, because obviously that’s what you want associated with your lovely face.


(Photo credit: atelielove)

2. Random kid ❤

People who take pictures holding a random baby bother me. I probably don’t know you enough to know whether or not that kid is actually yours. Do you have any idea how confusing this is to people? Luckily there’s usually that one estranged relative who actually asks if you’re the parent, because I sure don’t know you well enough to ask. (And I admit I’m probably being all judge-y in the meantime. But that might be just because I’m not ready for kids so I assume others my age aren’t either.)

3. Speaking of kids…

Here’s 8 million pictures of my kids! Like them all!
I don’t mind when people with kids post super cute pictures. But try to keep in under control, people. And as a side note, I find it kind of creepy that when these kids are older, they will be able to watch themselves grow up, with a thorough record of their day-to-day happenings and all life events.

4. Song lyrics to that song you’ve never heard that really doesn’t make sense out of context.

“I read your letter
The one you left when you broke into my house
Retracing every step we made
And you said you meant it
And there’s a piece of me in every single
Second of every single day
But if it’s true then tell me how we got this way”

But what does it mean? Does it mean anything? Is it deep, or do I just like the song? You don’t know muahaha evil genius…

5. Food porn

If you are out at an amazing dinner, you are welcome to brag about it. I will probably be very jealous and then go make myself a bowl of cereal for dinner. But do I post that picture of my cereal to the internet? No, no I don’t. No one wants to see the gross food you cooked for yourself. The rule should be that only exceptional food can be posted to Facebook!

6. #Hashtag #ALL #the #words!

Bro, stop it. You’re embarrassing yourself. Hashtags are for Twitter, and even if you are posting something on Twitter that happens to also go to your Facebook, you really don’t need to get so hashtag-happy. And anyways, by the time we see your hashtag-ridden monstrosity, we are already looking at the words or picture it’s supposed to be describing.

Facebook logo

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

7. Awkwardly sexual or inappropriate behaviour.

Personally, I think we shouldn’t be posting anything on the internet that we don’t want our parents/family members/religious leader/current or future employers/kids to see. Once it’s up there, there is no way to get rid of it, so be careful. Also I’m going to be judge-y here again, but I lose respect for people who post sexual things to their Facebook pages. Not that I think you should not be a sexual being, but you don’t need to tell the whole world that you got laid last night. And those pics of you partying, smoking pot, or doing other illegal activities? You never know who will see them. Plus even though you think you sound cool now, odds are good that no one cares. Sorry, it’s the internet.


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14 responses to “7 Facebook Trends That Need To Stop Being Trends”

  1. tinablogsalot says :

    I LOVE THIS!!!! I just wrote a rant on selfies as well the other day. Facebook really annoys me…

    – Tina 🙂

  2. drishism says :

    Some of my friends who are on vacation post pictures. That’s cool. I do that. But they only post selfies, so its like… what’s the point? If you are in Hawaii, or New York… and the pictures you post are only of your face… then you can’t really prove it with just your face. At least stand in front of the Statue of Liberty and get a full profile or something…

    • Sanaa ♥ Dietitian says :

      HAHAH I feel that way about a few people when they travel, Its either a lot of food pictures or that awkward pic they take on their own trying to get their face in with a glimse of the background.

  3. Kathleen says :

    Succinct and to the point, well stated!!

  4. Michelle says :

    These are all so true! I think that game invites and sharing photos that are from those random pages people like (example: “I hate waking up during a good dream’s photo..) need to be added 🙂

  5. paulturner76 says :

    Reblogged this on Musings of a Mild Mannered Man and commented:
    Lol, I do have to admit that there are a few things on this list that I am guilty of – read hashtags – but as for the million and one photos of friends kids, please, please, please can someone get people to stop this. I know your kids are wonderful and a delight to be around, but I’m more interested in you, the friend, the family member, the work colleague, and what YOU are doing, not the bloody sporgs…

  6. McphistoMr2U says :

    Selfies are the least favoured of the seven for me, why do they choose not only have a million of these vain shots, but often couple them up in the worst environment possible, from untidy bedrooms to public toilets..no imagination

  7. McphistoMr2U says :

    Reblogged this on McPhisto Mr 2U and commented:
    Some of the thing’s I often find myself ranting about on a daily basis

  8. mikkis says :

    It was a joy to read your post! You put my thoughts into words! 😀

  9. sashwilson says :

    #3 is for photo albums: kids will watch themselves grow up with a thorough record of their day to day happenings. Didn’t you have that? Although I do agree posting every one of the internet is kinds creepy

  10. prynkray says :

    Lovely post. i truly agree with u on the fact that people go a little too far when they keep posting the pic of evn a sandwich that they had for breakfast, on facebook…

  11. becky6259 says :

    Oh my gosh, I laughed out loud at this post! I’ve thought these same things, even (blush) been guilty of at least one. So true it’s hilarious — I was going to follow up one of my posts about this same subject, but I think I’ll just reblog this instead. Your post says it all! Thanks for stopping by Mrs. City Boy!

  12. becky6259 says :

    Reblogged this on Mrs. City Boy and commented:
    I just HAD to reblog this — a fantastic and hilarious follow-up to my last post by a funny and talented writer — enjoy!

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