Don’t Forget About the Holiday Tomorrow!

Back in January, my boyfriend James and I were talking about Valentine’s Day, and he decided to make me a deal. He would treat me to a very lovely Valentine’s on February 14th, on the condition that we appropriately celebrate March 14th. Of course I gave him an odd look… what’s on March 14th?

Well it turns out March 14th is one of the lesser-known modern holidays, known as Steak & Blowjob Day. Urban Dictionary knows what it is, so it must be legit.

mmmm Steak

mmmm Steak (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Apparently this “holiday” is supposed to be the woman’s way of showing her man how much she loves him, as well as thanking him for all he went through for her the month before. And it taps right into the stereotype that the only things men care about are food and sex. Primal instincts.

Even though I had never heard of it before, it sounds like a fun way to show James that I appreciate him. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? We go for an awesome dinner and it leads to frisky behaviour. And I have no problems with either.

Has anyone else heard of this “holiday”, or intend to celebrate it tomorrow?


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8 responses to “Don’t Forget About the Holiday Tomorrow!”

  1. Yvane says :

    I have never heard about this holiday until now… I sort of find it amusing how this “holiday” is celebrated after Valentine’s Day.

  2. browntroutfisherman says :

    OK, you had got to be joking I thought, this is surely a wind up…

    So anyways, I googled it and heck you’re right…

    For a brief moment my mood lightened, then I remembered my wife is vegetarian…!

  3. Everyday Is A Reflection... says :

    Ha…i have heard of it before, but totally forgot about it! Maybe I will make some steak…

  4. sabcooke says :

    It took me a long time to convince my girlfriend this “celebration” does in fact exist. And now she’s away this week, so I’ll have to wait until next year.

    Coincidentally enough, my dad is way for the week as well. Yet my mum informed me today that we’d be having steak for dinner tomorrow. I’m just going to stick to the mindset that it’s coincidence šŸ˜›

  5. xxalikatxx says :

    In Japan March 14th is called White Day. On Valentines Day a girl will confess her feelings to a guy through gifts, most common is chocolate or something similar (usually homemade) and if he returns her sentiments he will do something in return on White Day, exactly 1 month later. I think it’s really sweet when you think of it like that. This new version must be the westernized form lol.

  6. Hanno Phenn says :

    I haven’t heard of it until know and I googled it and bing there it is ,nice thought so.I will remember it know.

  7. chymeera says :

    I didn’t know about it until one of my gay friends posted it on Facebook and thought it was a wind up too…obviously not. I wonder how many ladies will go for it though…Being single, I am safe šŸ˜‰

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