4.7 Scent of the Waterfall

An excerpt from James’s story, written last year when we were dating long-distance.

English: Waterfall near Lepena, Slovenia Slove...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He smelled like waterfalls; alive and thriving, fresh and beautiful, fearless yet calming. His hand felt perfect as it caressed my cheek. His big curious eyes stared into mine as if he could see directly into my soul. His body fit perfectly pressed against mine as we clung to each other, falling contentedly to sleep in the other’s warm embrace night after night.

“Do I ever tell you you’re beautiful?” he asked, his eyes studying my face. He used to ask me why I spent so much time just staring into his eyes, but I was never able to admit to him the truth. When I looked into his eyes I felt like I could see part of myself reflected in their luminous early-morning green, could see the true James in their late-evening copper. I didn’t want him to know that I was falling for him.

“Not enough…” I replied honestly, hoping he wouldn’t take it the wrong way. I didn’t want him to know that he terrified me, in the best possible way. Being with James was thrilling, like jumping off a cliff knowing that the water below is icy cold. I would give anything to be able to take that plunge one more time. It just doesn’t feel right to wake up without him wrapped around me, not having his body heat to keep me warm.

Things are different now, but I don’t really know where we stand. We agreed at the beginning that neither of us wanted to go through with a long distance relationship, but I guess we’re both sort of finding it hard to let go. I’m planning on moving to the city where he lives next year anyway. Even then, I know I can’t expect everything to work out perfectly, but I want to give us as good of a shot as I can.

Now I live in the same city as he does. It definitely worth the risk.


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One response to “4.7 Scent of the Waterfall”

  1. jump1434 says :

    I love the way you write.. !! Keep it up..!!

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