How To Tell If She’s Faking It

No, I’m not talking about fake orgasms. I’m talking about girls who pretend to play video games just to get attention from guys.

When I was home for Christmas, I spent a lot of time on the couch playing video games on our Dreamcast. (It is an old gaming system.) Obviously I told my boyfriend about this, and he was stoked. I mean, what guy wouldn’t want to be with a girl who actually wants to play video games with him, or even just watch him play? Well…the non-gaming guys wouldn’t but… Anyways, my boyfriend, James, gave me a great idea. He told me he wants to buy me a Sega Genesis for my birthday. That’s not for another 6 weeks or so, though, and I was concerned. I had no idea what a really old game system would cost nowadays, and didn’t want him spending a lot of money on me.

I decided to go to a small game shop just down the street, though, just to see if they could give me an idea for price range. It turned out they had Segas there, and they were only $30! So I bought myself one, and 3 of my favourite games from when I was younger. Obviously two of them were Sonic the Hedgehog games, and the other was Toy Story. I had forgotten how bloody difficult Toy Story is.

English: A Sega Genesis 3 button controller.

There’s a need to distinguish, here, though. There are two types of girls who play video games. There’s the ones who are like “haha omg playing #COD #lolz #nerdy”, and then there’s the ones who are like “SONIC you piece of– WHAT how did you just die while INVINCIBLE how does that even HAPPEN?!? Tails why are you such a useless— KILL IT DON’T WALK INTO– This is bull. I quit.”  I’m definitely the second one. Except with much more swearing. That’s how you distinguish the girls who actually play video games from the ones who just want attention.

I grew up with video games. When I was 10 I was addicted to Neopets, and by 13 I had moved on to Gunbound. At about 15 I started playing Maplestory, and I played that religiously until I was 18. And when I say addicted, I thoroughly mean it. I remember when Maplestory introduced the little popup that would tell you when you had been playing for 3 hours, and then again every hour after that. I was stoked the day I got it past 7 hours in a row.

But all that being said, my parents used to be strict about our computer time. When I was little I used to get 15 minutes to play paint. Good times.

Our house was full of video game systems because of my brother. We had Pong, Sega, Dreamcast, PS2, and a Wii. Does anyone even remember Pong? It was just a box with two knobs on it, and all you could do was hit a “ball” back and forth. And yet, it was awesome.

Not completely sure where I was going with this post. I guess this is a little bit of a confession of how nerdy I actually am. It’s worse than most people realize. But I’m not ashamed. I’d much rather spend my day on the couch cursing at a little blue hedgehog than I would actually doing stuff most of the time. Doing stuff is overrated.


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11 responses to “How To Tell If She’s Faking It”

  1. sabcooke says :

    My girlfriend never played games, she just left them since it wasn’t a girly thing to do. Since she met me she’s began to indulge and bit by bit, she’s getting that little more addicted.

    When you get given out to because she messes up in Worms and drowns her own worm (coincidentally the one named after her), and the curses get hurled at the tv while she whacks the controller against her leg, yet all you do is giggle and take the controller to punish her mistake and win the game… now that’s true love 😛

  2. Jax says :

    I used to break my thumb nails on the ps controller cause id get so mad id press the buttons too hard. people wouldn’t sit next to me because if i got mad, which i alsways did, id start smacking whatever was next to me. now when my partner and i play games together he says it way more fun because of all the noise i make.

  3. tgeorges1123 says :

    I LOVE this post. I currently have an Xbox, a Game Cube, a Wii and an original Atari with 75 games I got off E-bay. I had every Nintendo and a Sega Genisis – and I wish I had the Genesis and the N64 back. I say “I” – I have to share them with our kids now (sigh). My husband doesn’t play but he loves me so much he got me a brand new headset and Black Ops II for Christmas. I freaking love finding other girls who play video games. That’s all. I didn’t mean to sound so excited because I sound like a freak now. Move along. There’s nothing to see here.

  4. youngemt95 says :

    My girlfriend doesn’t play video games, but she loves to watch me play them. It definitely makes it easier that she likes watching them.

  5. purpleperceptions says :

    Haha yeahhh I totally get this! 😀 Back in the realm of actually having free time, though.

  6. Mouse says :

    I am not a gamer. I really don’t know why. Though “Soul Caliber II” is my one video game vice, if I really want to “kill” something. Otherwise, I have an arsenal of smart-a** comments I break out while watching others play video games. To me, that’s just more fun. =)

    I forget – was Pong playable on Atari? Because if so, maybe I do remember Atari….

  7. Jason Buckley says :

    I’ve known plenty of women that fake it! Its a shame…the relationship would probably last longer if they didn’t!

  8. and Rose Red says :

    You know, I saw the title of this post and totally expected to rage against some guy who felt like any girl who wasn’t as hardcore of a gamer as him was just trying to act nerdy for attention. And instead I read really genuine story of someone’s love for games, and, I thank you so much for that. The internet has ruined my expectations of people.

    I loved computer games as a kid and was allowed one console at a time until it finally crapped out an di could move on to something only slightly older than what everyone else had now–great times. Looked forward to summer visits to my cousin’s house so I could play Ocarina of Time on her N65 while all we had at my house was an SNES and a bunch of bargain bin games that none of my friends had heard of. In a relationship with a huge PC gamer now and he’s bought 99% of my current Steam library as gifts. *That’s* why you want a gamer-guy, girls. You’re not gonna have any fun if you’re not atleast a little into the games yourself.

    • and Rose Red says :

      And I invented a new console apparently. Saw that N65 typo right as I hit post. x.x Inb4 buttheads complaining I don’t even know what an N64 is? Hopefully not.

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