What Makes You Feel Sexy?


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Besides, you know, actually having sex…which would by definition be “sexy”… though there can be un-sexy sex but that’s not the topic of discussion here. I mean what do you do or wear that really makes you look at yourself and think, “damn, I’m so hot!”

There aren’t that many things that make me feel really sexy. I’m not much of a “walking around my house naked” kind of girl. I mean I like my body, I just don’t like it all being out there. I don’t like wearing skintight dresses or short skirts. In fact I’m much like one of the guys when I go out than I am like most girls. T-shirt (or sometimes a cute top), tight jeans, and my epic silver Nike high tops with violet laces. That’s me, dressing like me. I mean, I’ll do the whole nice hair and makeup thing, but I hate going out in a dress and heels like the girls you usually see in bars.

The one exception, though, is the rare occasion I do wear heels. Usually in some sort of cute boot that I can add to a normal outfit, just to amp up the sexiness a little. And you know what I like to do, now that I’m made up, feeling sexy, and want to do something that really makes me feel good?

I’ll hop in my car and go for a drive. Now, first off you need to understand that my car itself is not sexy. It is a blue VW golf, 12 years old, and covered in rust and chipped paint. It definitely has character. If you said that car is sexy you’d also have to think Teletubbies are sexy. But when you get behind the wheel of that car with heels on… man, you’re in for a ride.

I like that it’s a standard, too. Any girls who say chicks can’t drive stick are full of it. (I actually had someone say over the summer, “I’m a girl I can’t drive standard!” and I called her out on it. She does not represent us.) The amount off effort it takes to manage three pedals, both hands, all while rocking 3- or 4-inch heels needs to be applauded. When I’m driving in heels, I feel like it’s a little secret none of the drivers around me can see. It’s like wearing sexy lingerie under your ugly work uniform (which I also like to do). Only you know, and that makes it somehow feel dangerous or risqué. And that’s an awesome feeling.

What makes you feel sexy?


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8 responses to “What Makes You Feel Sexy?”

  1. erinorange says :

    Impressive! I could not drive in heels!

  2. Drops of Ink says :

    Silk. I like the feel of silk against my skin. That’s my “feel sexy” time. 😉

  3. Marisa says :

    High hells! Skinny jeans and very high hells! I don’t wear them everyday but I have to admit that high hells can make a girl feel “sexy”.
    I also drive in heels (my heels normally have 12cm (4.72 inches) and I have 3 pedals to handle!

  4. prettyeasylife says :

    Loved it! done it many times!

  5. tgeorges1123 says :

    Heels. Definitely. Also – when I’m in a great mood – regardless of how I dressed that day (like you know – a yoga pants t-shirt day?) – I get more compliments. And compliments make me feel sexy. So apparently self confidence is more sexy than I give it credit for. 🙂

  6. A Writer Inspired says :

    I can’t tell you how much I love this. Love those shoes I have similar pair, and yes I drive a stick and can do it in heels. No car to drive right now though, very unsexy.

  7. paulgauchi says :

    I’m a teacher and I understand when you say you feel sexy in heels. I work with women all the time and that’s what they usually say.
    But as a man I want to pipe in and say we men feel sexy too. For me its putting on a dress shirt, pants and tie. I never wear these at work with the kids. I’m usually in jeans or shorts or something comfortable to be active with the children. So when I have a chance to dress up or as I like to say “I clean up” I feel great about myself. Yes and sexy too. 🙂

  8. citymomco says :

    A great hair day! Even when I’m in yoga pants and t-shirt (most days)…that and heels! They add to my confidence and that’s truly sexy. xx

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