The Little Things

I spent today at the mall, shopping for a birthday present for my boyfriend, James. Well, let’s be honest here, I just like shopping. Especially for shoes. I’ve been on shoe restriction, though, so today I bought my first pair of shoes in several months.

But this post isn’t about shoes. Even though I could write so much about shoes…

I took a break and started walking towards the bathroom. In front of me was a blonde lady and her friend. The blonde lady was probably about 30, and was chatting happily with her friend. As we entered the washroom she exclaimed to her friend, “Look! They have a room for nursing your baby! Carol would LOVE that! We have to tell Carol!!!”

I snickered to myself and proceeded towards a stall. And then I heard the same voice,

“WOW this stall is so SPACIOUS! This must be the luxury bathroom! Wow, two hooks? I can hang up my jacket AND my purse!”

At which point I couldn’t stifle my laughter anymore. If anyone heard me laughing in that bathroom stall, I apologize if I ruined your bathroom experience. I mean, let’s be serious, it’s a mall bathroom. It wasn’t the grossest bathroom I’ve ever been in, but it certainly isn’t “luxurious”. I just couldn’t believe how excited this woman was to be in a bathroom. She must have been having a phenomenal day.

What I learned, though, is that you have to appreciate the little things in life that make you happy. Even if it is as simple as being excited to not have to put your purse on the floor in a public washroom. It apparently made her day. I feel like people tend to be reserved in public, whether with good or bad emotions. And I found it refreshing to hear someone openly share her happiness with the rest of those unsuspecting bathroom-goers.

Positivity is contagious. Hearing that she had a fantastic bathroom experience definitely made my day as well. So next time, don’t hold back when something small makes you really happy. You never know who’s day will be made by hearing about it.


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12 responses to “The Little Things”

  1. rommel says :

    That was outrageous though! Yeah, zest for life of a person is never to be underestimate. How are we so much of ourselves thinking we have figured all things and that we have bigger things now that we’ve forgotten the little itsy bitsy thing. Er? A lot of public restrooms have baby changer, don’t they? Hehehe, what a kind of jubilation they werehaving.

    • Theresa Jewel Ammons says :

      Actually, she said, ‘They have a room for nursing your baby!’ Malls have repeatedly asked women not to breastfeed a baby in public, even if the woman covers herself! I think it’s ridiculous, but they should provide a “Nursing Room” or two if they don’t want women to nurse their babies where someone might see them (Gasp)!

  2. Christa Simpson says :

    Thanks for the post. Funny story… but reading it made me smile. 🙂

  3. pmcmullan says :

    So true – never judge what a person should be happy about. Happiness (whether our own or others’) is its own reward.

  4. sabcooke says :

    I’m always looking for that second hook, usually it’s a miracle to have one!

  5. Julia says :

    I enjoyed the phrase “fantastic bathroom experience”…maybe it should be a band name?

  6. clhutch87 says :

    As a woman who has been known to get overly excited when a public bathroom is not repulsive and then laughed at by women hidden in bathroom stalls immediately after making similar remarks (except that ‘luxury’ part)…I accept your apology. 😉 (Even though I know it wasn’t you.)

    Great, funny post!

  7. lexsborgia says :

    Looking good:-). Janine, I’m curious to know your opinion on my last post(sometimes you just need to know ‘certain people’ opinion). It’s delicate. Cheers.

  8. Theresa Jewel Ammons says :

    Were these the actual “Mall Bathrooms” or were they inside a store? Our local mall has such tiny stalls that it’s hard to sit down without hitting the toilet paper dispenser. However, if you go to the store at the other end — J. C. Penny, I think — the stalls are quite a bit wider. I haven’t been there in a long time, so I don’t remember if they have ‘two hooks’ or not. As for “my” mall’s bathroom, I’m happy if the handicap stall is free. It’s the only one with enough room to move around in.

  9. artsyblah says :

    I enjoyed reading your account of the happy restroom experience, I am currently smiling:) It is really the small things in life that can make us happy.

  10. ellebonze says :

    These days I’m taking my happiness in whatever form it presents. Today, I’m gonna look for a spacious bathroom stall, give thanks, bless the toilet with a tissue cover, and enjoy. Thanks!

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