50 Things You (Probably) Don’t Know About Me

1. I give a lot of advice, but am terrible at receiving it.

2. I’m a terrible cook.

3. I once kneed my boyfriend in the crotch when we were having sex by accident.

4. My feet are very, very ticklish. I freak out if people go anywhere near my feet.

5. My beverage of choice is beer. I think guys are more relaxed around girls who drink beer.

6. I cry when I laugh. Like laughing a little bit, and I cry HARD. It’s embarrassing.

7. My first kiss was with a girl.

8. I’ve been both the dump-er and the dump-ee.

9. I recently started going to group therapy for my anxiety.

10. I am very competitive, especially with myself.

11. I get a weird amount of joy from digging out and plucking ingrown hairs.

12. Ditto for popping zits.

13. I generally only sleep naked if I’m with someone.

14. I think people should be more open to talking about sex, religion, etc.

15. I hate that women are so judgmental of other women, but am probably one of the worst offenders.

16. I have a secret turn-on that I’ve never told anyone about because I’m afraid of being judged.

17. I still feel guilt over what I went through with Sarah, even though it was years ago.

18. I’m a saxophone player. That’s my job in the military. And I’m actually pretty good at it.

19. I think a massage is sometimes more intimate than sex.

20. When I was 13 I swore I’d never have sex with someone who didn’t say he loved me.

21. I broke that promise after the guy I lost my virginity to broke my heart.

22. You could count the number of people I’ve slept with on one hand.

23. Tattoos are sexy. I have one, but want more. My boyfriend has a tattoo in the same place I do.

24. I’m religious, and I believe in God. I am open to talking about my beliefs, but would never force my opinions on anyone.

25. One thing I miss most about living at home is my piano. That piano is my baby.

26. Obviously I miss my family and friends too. But I can talk to them. I’m not going to skype my piano. Though I probably would if he’d answer me.

27. I think about things that only high people could possibly think about. A recent one was that legs are weird because they just exist so we can transport our brains places. We are all just mobile brains. Brains trying to get places.

28. I have never smoked a cigarette, and never will. I have absolutely no interest in even trying it.

29. When I was 17 I took a music history class for my piano exams. That was my first experience with trying my hardest, and failing anyway.

30. My car is 12 years old, blue, and standard. I bought it from my dad in September, and have since been in two car accidents, only one of which I’ve told my parents about. I’m surprised it has survived.

31. I don’t trust women. Guys don’t say horrible things about you behind your back. That’s why I have more guy friends than girl friends.

32. When I was a teenager, I hated myself.

33. When I feel socially awkward I become very shy. People sometimes mistake it for bitchiness.

34. When I was 9, three of my closest friends and I decided to say our first swear words together. We went around in a circle and each said “fuck”. I swear quite a bit now, and can’t seem to break the habit.

35. I’m very, very clumsy.

36. One day I will own a wiener dog. I will name him Gary, after Spongebob’s pet snail Gary.

37. I’m book smart, but not street smart.

38. I know a lot about the human body. When I was on basic training for the military I educated my close friends on the importance of fibre for bowel health. One of those friends still asks me for help when she is having poop troubles, or other medical questions.

39. When I get really stressed out, I clean things. Mostly my room, sometimes I’ll scrub out the oven or find something else to focus my energy on.

40. I live like a slob. I’m too lazy to do dishes, and they tend to sit in my room for days, sometimes growing mould.

41. I can do a lot of push-ups. Guys at the gym are jealous of my massive pipes. *flex*

42. I don’t actually have massive pipes. In fact I am very critical of my body. I hate my butt the most, because that’s where I carry all my weight.

43. I love lingerie. Lingerie and shoes. I love shoes. I judge people based on their shoes.

44. I’m very frugal, and say that I’m poorer than I am because I just don’t like spending money.

45. I’m not as strong as people think I am. I’m a very emotional person, and I always feel like bad things are my fault.

46. If I spend too much time in my own head it makes me crazy. That’s why I started writing in the first place.

47. Water relaxes me. I wish I had a fountain in my room so I could just listen to the water run constantly.

48. I can’t swim.

49. I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m good at faking it.

50. Love terrifies me. I find it hard to open up to someone because I’m scared of getting hurt. You only have to get your heart broken once to know you never want to let that happen again.


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11 responses to “50 Things You (Probably) Don’t Know About Me”

  1. lexsborgia says :

    This list is bloody long. 9: I can’t do it, the thought terrifies me. 14:doesn’t apply; I live in Europe. 22: I can count the number of hands I’ve slept with, one hand hand. 31: I don’t trust women, men, children, babies or animals, but women seem to be the least harmful, so like you, I have loads of them as friends. 43: Bob Marley sings, ‘if you can judge a man by the colour of his skin, then you’re a better man than I. I get you but….! 46: Extended periods of time in your own head is not scarey or crazy, it’s when others(the men in white coats) start doing it for you. 51: this list is bloody long.

    back to 14: how is that working out? Does it work?

    • janinerussell says :

      Haha yeah I know the post is long. I’m assuming you meant #9? In that case I will answer you tomorrow after the second class. First class was just an introduction and short meditation session. I have been doing some meditation exercises I found on youtube and have found them quite helpful and highly recommend trying!

  2. elbablogs says :

    Awesome:-) Love it.

  3. anay007 says :

    I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m good at faking it.

    Love it. Exactly the same here

  4. Read Stuff With Me! says :

    I really enjoyed reading your list and I identified with some of the mentioned things…it was just fun going through the whole of it πŸ™‚

  5. Pretentiously Modest says :

    3 – I apologise to your boyfriend, but this really made me laugh. xD

    Your 14 and 16 are kinda paradoxal. πŸ˜€

    31 – I don’t know what happened to you to feel this way, but trustworthyness isn’t based on someone’s gender. It’s like generalising all men as agressive. I’m very much against stereotyping as it often leads to self-fulfilling prophecy.

    48 – and I can’t ride a bike. πŸ˜›

  6. Theresa Jewel Ammons says :

    Wow! You sound a lot like me. #’s 32, 33, 39, 40, 45, 48 and 49 are things we have in common! As for # 9, I tried group therapy but didn’t like it because it was always the same person/people talking. I’m a decent cook, but hate cleaning or washing dishes. I tend to clean when I’m mad, but I’m learning that it helps if I’m stressed or depressed as well. And, isn’t there a saying something like ~Go through the motions until it becomes part of you.~?

    For love, take the advice of a 52-year-old woman whose been married for 30 years: Fall in love with your best friend or make your lover into your best friend! Those relationships always last longer.

    • janinerussell says :

      Wise advice indeed! My parents have been together for about that long as well, and I once remember my dad saying, “how can anyone but your spouse be your best friend?” I think I’m starting to realize that that’s crucial to a successful relationship. Thanks for the words of wisdom!

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