Go Ahead, Hide Behind Your Computer Screen.

Bullying is something they teach you about in kindergarten, but it doesn’t only affect kids on the playground. And if there is one thing I absolutely can’t stand, it is bullying. Especially cyber-bullies, which I feel are cowards.

Yesterday I was browsing other people’s blogs, and came across an interesting post. It was a post by a black woman about how she feels discriminated against, and how all types of skin colour can be beautiful. I quite enjoyed the post, and decided to comment and say “hey, right on!”, but what I found instead was shocking.

A girl had commented politely saying “I agree with what you’re saying”, and respectfully acknowledged the points being made in the blog post. But then the blog author responded with a stream of curse words, accusations, and misdirected anger. Mostly in a “you don’t have the right to say that because you’re part of the problem” type of way. The commenter then stated that she wasn’t meaning to be offensive, and is regretful if her comments were taken the wrong way. She was merely trying to be supportive. As a reply she got another stream of curse words, this time making more vicious personal attacks.

There is an important difference here between having the freedom to say what you feel, and verbally attacking another human being. You have no right to say that someone else’s situation is so much better than yours, or try to make them feel guilty for things they can’t change. You can’t say that all people are the same, and its “you people” who are the problem, especially when their comments show that they are not racist individuals.

You don’t know the people who comment on your post, and you don’t know what they’ve been through in their life. I commented on that post stating that the poster’s reaction was rude and uncalled for, and got a very angry reply about how I am both privileged and ignorant because I’m white. This person is making all sorts of faulty accusations, and doesn’t know anything about me. That being said, I’d rather she take her anger out on me than on someone else who may not be laughing as they read what the person is saying to them. (And I can assure you, I found these things entertaining because they were just so ridiculously inaccurate and so, so racist. I found the irony pretty awesome though.)

The point here is that cyber-bullying exists here on WordPress as well. These bullies feel strong because  they can hide behind their computer, and vent their rage onto innocent readers who were trying to be supportive. I, for one, will not stand by and watch as some obnoxious person makes vicious comments to another person. You have no idea how the things you say affect another person’s life. For all you know they are depressed, and your comments could push them over the edge or lead them to self-harm. Or maybe like me they will just laugh it off and put you into the pile of people they never want to interact with ever again. You just don’t know. So watch what you say.

You wouldn’t talk to a stranger in person like that, so don’t do it here. Give respect, and you’ll get it in return.


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2 responses to “Go Ahead, Hide Behind Your Computer Screen.”

  1. girlywithdacurl says :

    Whoa. I remember this.

  2. girlywithdacurl says :

    And thank you for sticking up for me. :}

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