Single People Don’t Appreciate It Enough

Have you ever noticed that when you’re dating someone, one or both of you ends up being sick for a very long time? The passing back and forth of germs just goes on and on, even when you think you’re better. And then the other person gets a cold again and it continues, sometimes for months. When you’re single you forget about how awesome it is to not have to go through this.

As you may have been able to guess, I have caught the cold that is going around. I’m just glad it’s a cold and not the flu. Still, though, I hate being sick. Half of my face is so plugged up I wish I could use a plunger to suck this sickness out of my nose. It is disgusting. And the worst part about it is the congestion doesn’t stop my nose from running, even though I can’t blow it and don’t even know when it is running. I tried my neti pot but it failed me this time.

Also I’m pathetic when I’m sick. I just want to curl up in bed and have someone bring me soup. I tried to studying but no one wants to read about finance when they’re having a sneezing fit. I sneezed so hard my nose started bleeding.

This is all because my boyfriend passed it on to me on Friday when we went on a sushi date and then hung out at his place for a bit of “fun”.

But between you and me, it was totally worth it.


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2 responses to “Single People Don’t Appreciate It Enough”

  1. sabcooke says :

    I am usually a person who doesn’t get sick often. A chest infection a year, for a week, and nothing else. Then she struck…

    In the 9 months I’ve been with my girlfriend I think I’ve been sick about 9 times. It’s crazy how inescapable it becomes. We always say we’ll avoid kissing, that we can go a day without it because let’s face it: being sick ain’t fun and we don’t want to be sick forever.

    That’s when we meet up. And well hello there Mr. Germs…

  2. Chiara says :

    Ah, my boyfriend and I just went through this (ha!). Thank goodness it’s over; however, I felt a sore throat coming on this morning. Good grief! I was single for a long while before he and I started dating almost a year ago, so I totally know what you mean. I forgot about this phenomena until a few weeks ago!

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