Try Something New That Scares You

English: Pole Dancing in Lagoon

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday I decided to mix up my workout routine by going to a pole dancing class at the female-only gym near where I live. I was terrified, but really excited. It ended up being only me and two others in the class, plus the instructor. One of the girls in the class was what I expected (skinny, blonde), but the other was a 40-something woman with curves who does the class just because it is a fun way to exercise. And I think that’s awesome that she does this for herself.

The was a lot of fun though. I’m not used to trying to be sexy like that. In fact the first time she called out “and big slap on the left butt cheek!” I was laughing. But I started to settle into it, and having to watch myself in the mirror made me see a new side of myself. It was only an hour class, so I’m certainly no expert yet, but I had fun with what I did do, and I might be back to try it again.

Also I realized that I can’t not do things because they’re intimidating, or make me anxious. My mind was panicking right before I went, not sure what to expect. Once I was there and getting used to it, though, I really enjoyed myself. So it was a great learning experience overall, and I think I will try to incorporate more things like that into my life. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time, and taking that time for myself to do something I really want to do really made my day.



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