Why Does Workplace Dating Happen?

As a general rule, it’s probably not a good idea to date someone you work with. That being said, I’m doing it, and I know lots of other people at my workplace who do it. In fact the person at the very top of our unit met his wife at work. Why does this happen?

Well, usually it’s because people are around, you get to know them, etc. etc.

But the military is kind of a unique case, especially for women. Military people like dating other military people because civilians don’t understand what you’re talking about. Picture it.

Instead of asking about someone’s day and getting an answer that is easy to understand (Yeah Jim took the credit for my piece of the work on that last report…), military people will start talking in code about all the things going on, using way too many abbreviations and words that are just generally understood where they work. (I was hoping to get PLQ but the NAVCOMM LS has a better PER…)

And although a girl might be able to accept that she just doesn’t understand what her boyfriend/husband is going through, I think guys find it more difficult because they are programmed to want to help their significant other when they are having problems. And not understanding what the other person is going through or the significance of it all just makes it tougher to be there for someone.

And a lot of guys find it hard to stomach that their girlfriend is in the military, and end up wanting to join themselves. But having both people in the military just causes more problems. So there really is no right answer.


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One response to “Why Does Workplace Dating Happen?”

  1. Wildechild says :

    Also, if you work in the same place, chances are you share similar values. I don’t recommend it, however, I’m in a successful relationship from it, so it happens!

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