My Top 3 Phobias

I’m going to open up and tell all of you about my worst phobias. I challenge you to respond with your own!

My top 3 worst fears, in no particular order:

1. high, open spaces (aeroacrophobia) (strangely, if I am in an enclosed space I am not afraid, like in a tall building)

2. snakes (ophidiophobia) (or anything that resembles or moves like a snake, like centipedes)

3. vomiting (emetophobia) (I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this one. Not sure why.)

Now it’s your turn. What are you afraid of?


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3 responses to “My Top 3 Phobias”

  1. lexsborgia says :

    you crossed my mind today while sitting in my lectures. Not bad, no. Personally, I think you have 100 phobias; I do. Let’s play honesty.
    1. Claustrophobic(pretty bad); I have to get thru it every day. I can’t sit in waiting-rooms,

    2. Sociophobia(SAD); I have to survive, avoid or flee situations often; comes and goes but when it comes, itz bad. Even the mail terrifies me. Often.

    3. Absolutely terrified of snakes, every crawly thing on the planet(I want2extinct them all)… but I like caterpillars.


  2. tgeorges1123 says :

    1. That people won’t like me.
    2. That someone I love will suddenly die
    3. Cockroaches (they can turn their heads and LOOK at you. That’s just wrong.)
    Bonus: Random Things at 2 in the morning that I fret about for 3 hours and then when I get up at 6 I’m tired and realize I don’t really care about whatever I was obsessing about.

    The zoloft and klonopin help with 1, 2, and Bonus. Nothing will ever help with 3. 🙂

  3. tgeorges1123 says :

    Sorry – there’s another one. How could you do just 3?!? That I’ll have a panic attack in public. I would keep going but I’m seriously going to stop now.

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