10 Things Students Do But Won’t Admit

1. Eat ramen noodles for every single meal. Yes, we know there is no nutrition in it. And yes, it will probably kill us sooner than we expect. But who can argue with a full dinner for $0.25?

2. Put up with uninhabitable living spaces. I live in a basement with centipedes, the light falls out of my ceiling, and sometimes water drips from the ceiling. Why? Because it’s cheap and close to my university.

3. Lie to their parents about the living conditions specified in #2. And if they happen to come to visit, there was probably a lot of frantic scrambling to make the place look livable right before they arrived. That pile of clothes? It’s clean and only been there for 5 minutes. Clearly. I’m not a slob.

4. Work extra shifts, telling themselves that they need the extra money for food.

5. Spend that extra money on beer. Cause we’ve earned it by pulling extra shifts.

6. In fact, spend more on beer than we spend on food.

7. Date people they don’t like with the hopes of getting a free meal out of it. And hey, if it works out maybe it will lead to more free meals…

8. Get excited about how well they’re living when things improve slightly. “Two types of jam! Livin’ the life!”

9. Avoid telling people their grades. Unfortunately here there is no right answer, no matter who you are talking to. If you got a bad mark, why didn’t you study more? But if you got a good mark, why are you so uptight? Relax, be sociable, get out once in a while. Sheesh it’s just school. Mixed messages indeed.

10. Rack up heinous amounts of debt no matter how frugally they live. And just like that, most of our choices can be called into question.

Buy hey, it’s only temporary and hopefully you’re doing something you like, so in the end it’ll all be worth it.


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3 responses to “10 Things Students Do But Won’t Admit”

  1. Olivia Wolf says :

    Date someone for free food? That’s mean and desperate. 😛 Beer? Who drinks beer? You. Obviously.

  2. Chiara says :

    Avoid telling people their grades was a HUGE one for me. Mainly because I did so much better in some classes than some of my peers (including a roommate), and I didn’t study. I always felt bad when I did better because they had to work so hard for that grade, and I didn’t.

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