Sweet, Sweet Romance

I’m old-fashioned when it comes to romance. I love candlelit dinners and classical music. I like a little bit of PDA (public displays of affection), and am not afraid to grab his hand or give him a peck on the lips. I’ve never had a man buy me flowers, even though I’ve dropped the hint to my boyfriend, James, many times. In fact a couple of days ago we passed by a couple at the train station, and the girl was carrying a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I said to James, “wow that’s beautiful, he must really like her” or something like that, refraining from adding “wink wink nudge nudge”. James made some sort of grunting noise and carried on with looking for where we were supposed to be going.

James is great to me, and is always trying to make me happy. He asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I said he should take me to the ballet. I’ve always loved ballet, but never gone to see it. Well he did take me there, and then fell asleep during the performance. Perhaps that was asking a little bit much of him. I like that he took me there, even though he doesn’t actually care about dance. In fact when all of the performers took their bows at the end, James clapped respectfully for everyone, but cheered loudly for the conductor. At least since James is a musician he could enjoy that part of the show.

It occurred to me that maybe James is romantic, just in his own way. He’s obviously somewhat quirky. To him, taking me to a nice restaurant isn’t very appealing. Instead he took me to a small pub where he used to go with his dad when he was growing up because that was an important part of his life. I felt honoured that he wanted to share that with me. We ate liver and onions and drank beer, and for us that was absolutely perfect.

Romance isn’t just about the candles, roses, and dinners that look like scenes from a 1920’s love story. It’s about the meaning behind it as you share those special moments with the person you love.


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2 responses to “Sweet, Sweet Romance”

  1. Olivia Wolf says :

    I want a romance like that *sigh* you’re so lucky

  2. 1stpeaksteve says :

    I found this through the wonderful door called “Freshly Pressed” that has spiked your reader up 1000%. Good stuff and pretty honest.

    As far as your romance situation, you have to factor in age and experience. I think of it as that old show, Land of the Lost. There were the sleestacks and most were mindless lizards and then there was the sleestack that was from the future…it even had a British accent! Young men are like the mindless sleestacks. Even I was that way…subjecting my poor girlfriends to such fun as sitting all day on the beach while I went out surfing. Eventually, some evolve. Then they learn that can actually get enjoyment out of surprising someone with flowers or a note.

    If your young lizard is worth keeping…with some time he will morph. Probably minus a British accent though!

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