My Inspiration Place

Where do you go when you need to relax, or need inspiration?


When I feel stuck, confused, or anxious, I go to Sherman Falls. It is a waterfall here in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. In the summer I would bring my journal, find a flat rock to sit on at the base of the falls, and write. In winter I go just to watch the water, breathe it in, and let it wash away all of the stresses in my life.

I have found that water seems to relax me in ways that nothing else does. When I’m on military employment, I go for an hour walk down to the river, and would sit there for a long time just breathing in the smell of it. I like that that river is out of the way, so I hardly ever see anyone when I am there except for the occasional cyclist. It is peaceful, surrounded by tall trees, and next to a dirt road. Some weeks I would go there every evening if I needed to.


Anyways, back to Sherman Falls. There is always a wonderful, calming breeze coming off of the water. The fresh water smells incredible,
In winter the icicles form underneath the falls. They look amazing. these ones are about as tall as I am. All that water makes it kind of dangerous to walk next to the falls, though, because it gets icy. and the sound can be thunderous some days, more relaxed on others. The days after it rains are my favourite because the falls are really running. You can even climb up the side of them if you want to risk it, and sit on the second story of the waterfall. It is cool to watch the water fall from above.


This waterfall is kind of secluded, surrounded by hills on three sides. That makes it especially beautiful, though, because the sunlight doesn’t get all the way inside, it just skims the tops of the hills and trees in all directions. And as the sun comes up high enough to reach over the hills surrounding the falls, it lights everything up in an incredible way.

What’s your inspiration place/thing/activity?



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