Horoscope “Nonsense”

There is something I am embarrassed to admit. I…thoroughly believe what my horoscope tells me.

Now, I know most people out there are thinking that horoscopes are silly and written by somebody with no knowledge of the future, prophecies are bull, and it’s all a scam to somehow take your money. Or you’re thinking that they make them really vague so that it applies to everyone.

Well, I’ve been keeping track of some of the things my horoscope has said that have really blown me away.

July 24, 2011 “Your dreams need a vehicle in order to reach their audience. Find the means. You have the ability to inspire a many people. Take this ability seriously and make use of your creative talents.” And now I have this blog, and it seems to be working (at least a little bit!).

September 5, 2011 “You may feel like it’s your responsibility to take care of everyone, Pisces. If you love someone, your brain translates this into thinking that you need to be the caretaker.” This describes my relationship with Sarah eerily perfectly.

November 2, 2011 “A slow liberation process is gathering momentum. Over the next few months you won’t refuse an opportunity to rid yourself of an oppressive part of your past. You’ll shed your old complexes and emerge renewed. Don’t be alarmed if family relations suffer a bit. The distress is only temporary.” This was during the time that I was planning on moving out, and trying to figure out where/if it was even possible.

And then, despite knowing change is coming and having accepted that this move was going to take place come September, on May 2, 2012, my horoscope asked me, “Have you examined your tendency to run away?” It got me wondering whether this move was a good choice, or whether I was just trying to run away from the things that hurt me. And so far I have never figured it out.

And now for a little bit of a shock. I was about to write about how my characteristics, as a Pisces, are exactly right. It has me pinned, from being overly emotional, to empathetic and easy to talk to. Gentle, understanding, and easily startled (I’m jumpy). And then I discovered something that shocked me.

About a month ago I was walking around an area with small shops, and decided to go into a fortune shop. I was looking at books, and started talking to the lady at the counter. She was trying to sell me a pendulum. It is supposed to swing in different directions to indicate answers from your higher self. I asked it if my sister would like a pendulum, and it told me no. So I bought a book instead. And then the lady mentioned rocks. She said they didn’t seem to do much for her, but some people swear by them. Apparently rocks have properties to them that can help you out. She started flipping through a huge book, pointing out bits of things that are written there as she flipped through. And then she said, “protection for sailors…” and it caught my attention. My boyfriend, James, and I are both sailors, and he was, at that time, out on the west coast for work. I looked at other rocks, but something about these moonstones just really spoke to me. I found it creepy that out of the huge book, that was the bit she decided to read. And when I put my hand on the small stones, I felt re-energized, and knew this was what I needed. The lady said you can keep them somewhere safe, or if it is really important you can keep one close to your heart. She tucks her stone into her bra. So I bought two moon stones. One I put in the small round box that James gave me a year and a half ago when we first started dating. The other I kept in my bra, close to my heart.

And now I have just read that moonstone is my lucky gem.

When James returned, he brought me a small gift. It was a coin with a tribal bear imprinted on the front. And on the back is the word “protection”. He had bought it the same day as I bought these stones, at about the same time. Both of us felt a need to get a charm for protection for the other person.

Even weirder, last Christmas James gave me a necklace. It is a turquoise pendant on a simple silver chain. He said out of all the ones he was looking at, he just knew this one would be right for me. I have been wearing it ever since.

Turquoise, according to his horoscope as an Aquarius, is his lucky gem.

And with all of this, I can’t help but to believe that maybe there is something to this horoscope “nonsense”.


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