New Year’s Resolutions For All The Wrong Reasons

Your new year’s resolution is going to fail. Sorry.

I know, you’re thinking “you don’t know me, or what I plan to do”.

You’re right, I don’t. I just don’t believe in the “New Year, New You” concept. People don’t change. And they certainly don’t change immediate just because it’s a new year. And more importantly, most resolutions are ridiculous and will eventually end up in failure.

I’ve been looking through my Facebook feed to see what some of my friends are doing in the new year. One of my friend’s goals is to lose weight by cutting out all gluten. She is setting herself up for failure because lots of processed foods made without gluten contain more fat to compensate. Lots of people plan to get fit in the new year. Hey, I’m all for being active and healthy. In fact, if you needed this kick in the pants to get your ass to the gym, then great! But don’t plan on being there every single day, working so hard you’re crippled the next day. Because then as soon as you miss a day (which might have even happened by now), you will get discouraged and give up altogether.

So if you plan on doing something you can stick to, make it for the right reasons. Stop smoking because you care about the people around you, not because they told you to. Don’t eat fast food because it makes you feel awful, not because you aren’t allowed it anymore. Don’t give up the things you love because they aren’t always good for you, just enjoy them in moderation. Eat a bit of chocolate after dinner if you want, just don’t binge on a whole cake. If you want to workout, make a realistic plan that works with your schedule, and don’t give up if you don’t get there every time. Do it to get healthy, not to fit into that bikini by summer. Life happens, and sometimes you have to accommodate, so plan on adjusting as you go.

As for me, I don’t have a “resolution”, but I do plan on making changes during this coming university semester. My goal is to relax the body and relax the mind, with hopes of it helping my anxiety. I’ve been doing yoga recently, and I find it very relaxing for both my mind and body. It makes me pay attention to my breathing, how my body moves, and the strength it possesses. I also plan to go to church around here whenever possible because that is one thing that has helped me in the past when I am feeling anxious.

I’m not setting timelines. I will do these things if I can, and if I can’t, that’s okay. I will just try harder next week.

You can’t fix the mistakes you’ve already made. All you can do is learn, and then try to do better next time. Don’t let small setbacks stop you from reaching your goals.


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One response to “New Year’s Resolutions For All The Wrong Reasons”

  1. Ellie says :

    You’re exactly right! I practice what I preach all year long and live as healthy and normal a practical life as I can. If you start a “diet” you go off a “diet”, if you start a resolution, one stops a resolution eventually. Change is a slow, steady upward climb that never stops because we should never stop learning. Always strive to be our best selves! Great post, thanks.

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