How Do You Tell A Friend Her Tattoo Is Clichéd?

One of my good friends recently got her first tattoo. We are both musicians in the Canadian Navy (I recruited her actually), so she got an anchor with a treble clef coming out of it on her tricep. I know other people who have a similar tattoo. As well, it is kind of poorly done. She will need touch ups, and some of it is just poor line work where the lines don’t continue properly on the other side of the anchor. The bottom is much thinner than the top, and there is no way it can be fixed because there isn’t space to make it wider. She had a gift card that she won in a raffle at a party, so it didn’t cost her much. And that is probably the problem here: it was inexpensive, was done quickly, and ended up not looking too great.

anchor tattoo

Not my friend’s actual tattoo, but it is similar to this. Source: Tumblr.

I don’t want her to regret the tattoo so I said it was cool. Luckily it is on the back of her arm so she won’t be looking at it constantly and analyzing it. Should I tell her what I really think? Or is it best to keep my mouth shut?


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One response to “How Do You Tell A Friend Her Tattoo Is Clichéd?”

  1. yours truly says :

    As someone who is tattooed and has tattoos from when tribal was cool & there weren’t that many crazy talented artists in the area I lived, I can honestly say that while this is your opinion, it may be best to keep it to yourself. Your friend may one day regret it, may one day build it into a beautiful larger piece, or one day just look at it and laugh at where she was at this time in her life. But it will always mean something to her, and it’s her right to do what she wants with her body. Embrace that she felt that this was right for her and be in peace that it is not something you would do on your body.

    We’re all different – our choices, our loves, what we think is cool, what we think isn’t. Show love, show compassion.

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