People Who Don’t Show Up To Their Own Birthday Party

Last night I went to a huge 27th birthday bash for a guy I work with, and the birthday boy never even showed up. There were probably 50 or so of his closest friends, colleagues, and family members present. We had a DJ, cheap drinks at the bar, dancing, etc. And it was a rockin’ party.

Except when I finally asked his girlfriend where he was, she said he was stranded in Texas.


Well, that was unexpected.

And suddenly the party felt more like a funeral than a birthday. You know, one of those “in memory of” parties. That’s why you shouldn’t plan on getting in from a different continent the day of your party that you’ve been promoting for weeks.

The weirdest part was that no one knew. They didn’t announce it. I guess they were worried people would leave and the DJ would bail.

And to be honest most of us thought it was a joke and he would show up later. But he never did.

So…Save your friends the awkwardness. Show up to your birthday party.


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