1.10 Listen Closely

I wish you could see what I see when I look at you

You’re absolutely beautiful, and you don’t even know it

You don’t need a man to tell you you’re gorgeous

To hold you and care about you

And tell you he loves you

To feel like you’re a truly special person

Someone worth listening to

Because you have something worth saying

But just can’t find the words to say it


I look closer than anyone else

And I see the beauty deep down inside

I know that underneath the mask you hide behind

Lies a timid girl lost in the crowd

Someone who isn’t sure how to love herself

And I know that past the insecurity

Beyond the shield that won’t let anyone in

There is a girl there who just wants to be loved

And I just want you to know,

I’m trying to say the same thing

And I understand.


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About janinerussell

The transition to adulthood; reflecting on the past to create a better future.

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