Wake Up! It’s Christmas!

No matter how old I get, I will always be an over-excited 5 year old on Christmas morning.

When I was little we weren’t allowed too go downstairs until 8:00 in the morning. So you can bet my brother, sister and I (4 and 2 years older than me) would be sitting at the top of the stairs ready to run down there and open our stockings the moment the clock struck 8. We would open the small gift in our stockings, then eat the orange and chocolate that was always in there for breakfast. Eventually my parents and oldest brother (11 years older than me) would get up and we would open presents, then spend the rest of the day in our pyjamas playing with our new toys while my parents cooked the turkey dinner.

Now that we are all older, things are different. I’m 20 now, and I don’t live here anymore. My oldest brother is at his house, celebrating with his wife. My other brother has an apartment, and isn’t interested in getting here early enough to open presents. This is the first year he wasn’t here for it. And of course my sister just wanted to sleep in for as long as possible.

But just like always, I woke up at 7:30 because I was so excited. I laid there for about an hour before I heard my mom get up, and went down to open my stocking with her (there is a rule in this house that you can’t open your stocking alone). We made breakfast, but this year we didn’t bake croissants like we usually do. Then my dad got up, and we listened to the CD he got in his stocking while we waited for my sister. And as soon as I was done breakfast you can bet I crawled into her room and told her to get up. But it probably sounded more like “christmaspresentschristmasgetupitschristmas!!!!!!!” When she finally did get up we had to wait even longer for her to eat. And then we finally got to presents. And although I am away from my new home for Christmas, I will spend the day in my boyfriend’s pyjama pants that he lent me. This year I’m learning how to cook a turkey and make stuffing. And later my grandma will come over, as well as my brother, for Christmas dinner.

No matter how old I get, I will always be an over-excited 5 year old on Christmas morning.


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