3.1 The Beginning of Something Real

Mark and I became good friends over the summer of 2010, right after I graduated from high school. We were on basic training together, and since our roommates were dating we spent a lot of time together. Nothing happened between us on basic, since I was dating another guy (which ended up being a big mistake) and he wasn’t the type of guy who would interfere in a relationship other people have.

Mark was kind of charming, in his own way. He had a cocky smile and quirkiness to him that you either loved or hated, there was no in-between. In fact there were a lot of people who didn’t like him because he was very confident in himself and his views, and wasn’t always open to hearing what anyone else had to say. That was fine by me. I found him hilarious because he was smart and kind of obnoxious about it. I like when people aren’t afraid to be who they are, and aren’t afraid of being judged.

After basic, I flew home to Winnipeg, and he went home to Kingston, in the next province. We continued to text, and were still able to joke around easily. Talking to Mark was simple because he loved having fun and joking around, and didn’t expect anything from me. I could insult him to his face and he would laugh it off and throw one back at me.

A few times we had been texting and I insulted him just like I normally would. I jokingly would add “haha i mean, i love you?”, just to fool around with him. One time, though, he called me on it. And even though I hadn’t seen him in a few weeks, I admitted that I may have had a slight crush on him and that I really like that we still talk just like nothing has changed. When he told me he had also had a crush on me over the summer, I was very flattered. Things were suddenly so different from how they were when I left for basic. When I went there at the end of June, I was dating a girl who was struggling with depression, and none of my crushed on guys had ever turned into anything. Now, I had two guys who had also liked me back, and there was a chance that this could become something sustainable between us.

And just like that, we were a long-distance couple. We waited a few months to let the Facebook world know about it. By that time we were ready to deal with the reactions we would get. We texted constantly, and would stay up late at night talking on skype, dreaming of the day when we got to be together for real.


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