Risky Giftness

This year when I went shopping for Christmas gifts, I was faced with a never-before-encountered problem: boyfriend’s parents?

Last year it wasn’t an issue because I had met them once and didn’t feel obligated. Now they are like my own parents. When I was having car troubles, I called his dad. His mom loves me and is always inviting us over and sending us both home with leftovers. But this causes me a dilemma… What do you buy for your boyfriend’s parents?

Finding gifts has always been tough for me. I like to buy things that people need, not just something silly to look at or never wear. But I have enough trouble finding something for my own parents, and I’ve known them all my life. What do you buy for two adults whose hobbies you don’t really know, and who seem to have every possible knickknack and art piece in the history of the world? And worse yet, what happens if my gift is awful and they do the awkward “well….isn’t this….nice….”

I decided to settle on an expensive bottle of wine and some locally made premium chocolates. Because hopefully if they don’t appreciate chocolate, they’ll at least appreciate fine wine. That being said, I know nothing about wine because I don’t like it. So, here’s hoping for the best!


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One response to “Risky Giftness”

  1. Olivia Wolf says :

    you could always give them that silly pointless gift…

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